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Biesse is a specialized woodworking machinery manufacturing group. Since 1969, it has been studying and producing high-tech machinery, providing productive solutions from the small carpenter to the large industries of furniture, door-frames and various other wooden structures for buildings’ needs.

It has a wide range of machinery for all customers’ requirements, tailoring each machine according to their needs. In recent years, it also successfully manufactures plastic and other synthetic materials processing machines.



Since 1932, the company has been developing and developing dyeing machines of any surface or solid product, as well as dryers, addressing a wide range of production needs.

Over the years, the company has created numerous patents, technologically developing machines, giving solutions to the production process, saving production time with better quality of the final product.

The company is constantly investing in new technologies with a dedicated staff and a unique organization.



The company develops and manufactures diamond and hard metal cutting tools for the processing of wood, plastic, synthetic materials and aluminum. Founded in 1980, it is constantly developing productive innovations and new products and is able to provide solutions to today's production needs. Cutting machines are produced in the most modern way, and with the most important certifications in the industry.


Founded in 1992, it is one of the leading CAD-CAM software companies in the field of design for wood, marble, plastics and glass processing. Twenty years of experience and specialized staff promote productive and design solutions to market needs.

The company in collaboration with the customer provides specialized solutions at the individual level and has a wide range of solutions to productive problems. Each year the programs are updated and enriched with new features giving more planning flexibility.


It was founded in the late 60's and has been manufacturing hydraulic presses for over 50 years. A great journey that brought the company to the top manufacturers in the world. It is active not only in the wood industry but also in other materials such as composites, leather, polyurethane and others.


The story of the success of Altendorf is the story of the success of a machine: the sliding table saw invented in 1906 by Wilhelm Altendorf. Kurt and Willy Altendorf, the founder's sons, decided in 1956 to focus exclusively on manufacturing sliding table saws according to the "Altendorf system", turning Altendorf into a specialist and setting the Altendorf sliding table saw on course to conquer the world. The number of Altendorf sliding table saws put to work in carpentry, cabinet-making and joinery workshops and wood, metal and plastics processing companies around the world has now surpassed 150,000.

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